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A method to capture and share production requirements supporting a collaborative production preparation process

Areth Koroth, Rohith;Elgh, Fredrik;Lennartsson, Martin;Raudberget, Dag // 2023
The production preparation process (3P) enables collaboration between design and production engineers during product development but its efficiency is limited by the abundance of documentation of ...

A Method to Support the Improvement of Knowledge Transfers in Product and Production Engineering

Albers, Albert; Klippert, Monika; von Klitzing, Moritz; Rapp, Simon // 2023
The product engineering process as part of the product life cycle includes product and production system development as well as production. In integrated product and production engineering (PPE), ...

A multi-criteria decision-making approach to optimize the part build orientation in additive manufacturing

Sartini, Mikhailo (1);Luca, Manuguerra (1);Claudio, Favi (2);Marco, Mandolini (1) // 2023
The part build orientation is a manufacturing variable that must be considered when designing a product to maximise AM opportunities. There are several approaches to selecting the best print ...

A multi-objective decision-making approach to support the design of social innovations in the Energy sector

Samir, Basma; Abi Akle, Audrey; Lizarralde, Iban // 2023
Social innovations in the energy sector (SIE) are essential for accelerating the transition to clean, renewable, and democratic energy while encouraging citizens' involvement. However, SIE lacks ...

A Multilayer Graph Network-Based Tool for Identifying Key Project Actors

Efrati, Shlomi; Reich, Yoram // 2023
As the demands for new complex products/services increase, leading to strict constraints on budget and time-to-market, it is hard to learn from experience and improve practice. Improvement can be ...

A new design method for generating surrogate kinematic truss orthoses to support pathological gait patterns in human model simulations

Steck, Patrick; Scherb, David; Mayer, Johannes; Jäger, Michael; Miehling, Jörg; Völkl, Harald; Wartzack, Sandro // 2023
With increasing life expectancy, the risk of diseases of the central nervous system, such as cancer, strokes, etc., also increases. Strokes often result in injury to the sciatic nerve, which is ...

A new method for passive ankle foot orthosis design – Integration of musculoskeletal and finite element simulation

Scherb, David; Steck, Patrick; Völkl, Harald; Wartzack, Sandro; Miehling, Jörg // 2023
Motor disorders are diseases affecting the muscle function of the human body. A frequently occurring motor disorder affects the lower leg muscles resulting in a pathological gait called foot drop. ...

A new research protocol for using system maps in systemic design research

Moons, Stine; Noëth, Esther; Du Bois, Els; Jacoby, Alexis // 2023
System maps are established tools in design practice and education as well as non-design research, both as a process and an outcome of systemic analysis and synthesis. Applying causal loop diagrams ...


Bos, Mikaël Ivar (1); Karahanoğlu, Armağan (2); Haarman, Juliet (3); Nizamis, Kostas (1) // 2023
Home hand rehabilitation for stroke is becoming increasingly important due to logistic and financial challenges. Developing Daily-life Integrated Hand-rehabilitation Products (DIHP) aims to enable ...

A pattern language approach to identify appropriate machine learning algorithms in the context of product development

Sonntag, Sebastian; Luttmer, Janosch; Pluhnau, Robin; Nagarajah, Arun // 2023
The product development process faces several challenges, such as an increasing and differentiated number of customer requirements, increasing product complexity, and shortened time-to-market. To ...

A Qualitative Investigation of Students’ Design Experiences in a Work-Integrated Learning Setting

Nickel, Jordan (1); Rennick, Chris (1); Litster, Gregory (2); Hulls, Carol C.W. (1); Hurst, Ada (1) // 2023
Work-integrated learning (WIL) – a pedagogy that integrates academic studies with workplace experiences – presents an excellent opportunity for students to “deliberately practice” their design ...

A review on real vehicle usage modelling of driverless multipurpose vehicles in vehicle routing problems

Andreolli, Raphael (1,2,3,5); Nybacka, Mikael (1,2); O'Reilly, Ciarán J. (1,3); Jenelius, Erik (4); Falkgrim, Eric (5) // 2023
Real vehicle usage rarely matches the predictions made during early phases of vehicle development and sales processes at commercial road vehicle manufacturers. The automotive industry needs ...

A Spectrum of Stakeholder Perspective Taking in Early-Stage Design

Rieken, Elizabeth (1); Bond, Kathleen (2); Best, Rachel Moore (2); Burleson, Grace (1); Brubaker, Eric Reynolds (1) // 2023
Stakeholder perspective taking is a critical skill in early-stage problem exploration and framing. We examined stakeholder perspective taking within an early-stage design team of engineers at NASA to ...

A Study of the Early-Stage Engineering Design Activities in Practice

Obieke, Chijioke C. (1); Milisavljevic-Syed, Jelena (2); Han, Ji (3) // 2023
The early-stage engineering design activities include conceptualising, identifying, and solving an engineering design problem. These activities are essential and standard roles of a design engineer. ...

A study on the potential of game based learning for sustainability education

Scurati, Giulia Wally (1);Kwok, Sze Yin (2);Ferrise, Francesco (3);Bertoni, Marco (1) // 2023
Academic institutions are increasingly required to prepare future practitioners to face complex sustainability challenges. The need to foster the development of different skills, attitudes, and ...

A Sustainable Computational Design Concept using Web Service Methods

Gopsill, James (1,2); Hicks, Ben (1); Schiffmann, Oliver (1); McClenaghan, Adam (1) // 2023
Simulation is fundamental to many engineering design processes and powers the field of computational design. Simulation inherently consumes energy resulting in CO2 emissions that impact our ...

A Value-Driven Design approach for the virtual verification and validation of autonomous vehicle solutions

Bertoni, Marco (1); Thorn, Stefan (2) // 2023
Autonomous vehicle solutions (AVS) are regarded as a major enabling technology to support the realization of 'total site solutions' in the construction equipment industry. Their full-scale deployment ...

Accessible solar energy technology for domestic applications in the UK: Edge Solar

Heaton, Alex (1); Sung, Kyungeun (2); Isherwood, Patrick (3) // 2023
Renewable energy is increasingly used and promoted. In the UK, for example, large scale renewable energy farms have been used to supply electricity with great effect. Given the large number of homes, ...

Active Engagement in Collaborative Engineering Design: How to Measure and Use It in a Feedback System?

Farshad, Sabah; Fortin, Clement // 2023
Engineering design is typically a collaborative process, and in the era of digital engineering, online collaboration platforms are increasingly being used to perform the work. Despite the development ...

Adapting a dashboard-based approach for feasibility analysis to circular PSS business models

Mahl, Tobias; Petry, Michelle; Köhler, Christian // 2023
Sustainability and circular economy are currently some of the strongest trends in industry as well as in politics. They are seen as the best chance to tackle emissions, pollution and climate change ...

Adjusting Scaled Agile for Systems Engineering

Drutchas, Jake Farlon; Eppinger, Steven // 2023
Scaled agile development of large systems has primarily followed the approach used in traditional systems engineering – system decomposition and static teams assigned to subsystems. However, this ...

Affective Learning Goals - Key for Teaching Sustainable Product Development

Heide, Ludger (1); Syré, Anne Magdalene (1); Grahle, Alexander (1); Göhlich, Dietmar (1); Kattwinkel, Daniela (2); Bender, Beate (2) // 2023
Sustainability in engineering sciences is of rapidly growing importance. However, its integration into engineering education is still in its infancy. This paper is based on the finding that, in ...

AI vs. Human: The Public's Perceptions of the Design Abilities of Artificial Intelligence

Chong, Leah (1); Yang, Maria (2) // 2023
With the increasing implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design process, it is crucial to understand how users will accept AI-designed products. This work studies how the public ...

Aligning functional analysis processes with designers' natural cognitive flow

Reeling, Hunter Scott; She, Jinjuan // 2023
Engineering design in new product development is a constant battle between creativity and strict structure. As researchers look to optimize the process, each stage is placed under a microscope to put ...

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