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Analysis and evaluation in the early stages of designing resource efficient offerings: A comparison among large companies and small and medium enterprises

Brambila-Macias, Sergio Andres; Sakao, Tomohiko // 2019
In Europe there is a common vision to transform the economy into a sustainable one by 2050 which among other changes, calls for companies to address their offerings in a more resource-efficient ...

Analysis and Synthesis of Resilient Load-carrying Systems

Schulte, Fiona; Kirchner, Eckhard; Kloberdanz, Hermann // 2019
Resilient systems have the capability to survive and recover from seriously affecting events. Resilience engineering already is established for socio-economic organisations and extended network-like ...

Analysis of Approaches of Tolerance Allocation regarding to Economic Efficiency

Gust, Peter; Sersch, Alina; Steger, Tobias; Schluer, Christoph // 2019
The aim of this paper is to examine the current state of research on tolerance-induced costs in Germany. Through a literature research already existing approaches for the determination of costs ...

Analysis Of The Consequences Of Disrupting Events On Ongoing Product Development Projects: The Cascading Effects Of Severe Influences

Guaragni, Fausto (1,2); Ortt, Roland (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1) // 2019
The initial planning of the development of complicated products usually requires time and efforts. However, even the most accurate plans are not able to cope with all the uncertainties that might ...

Application search in solution-driven biologically inspired design

Lenau, Torben Anker // 2019
In solution-driven BID (sol-BID) a challenge is to identify suited applications that will benefit from the solutions principles found in nature. A well-known example of sol-BID is the self-cleaning ...

Applying Engineering Design Ontology for Content Analysis of Team Conceptual Design Activity

Tomislav Martinec, Stanko Škec, Jelena Šklebar and Mario Štorga // 2019
Studies of design activity have been dominantly reporting on different aspects of the design process, rather than the content of designing. The aim of the presented research has been the development ...

Approach for a machine-interpretable provision of standard contents using welded constructions as an example

Manoharan, Thivakar; Loibl, Andr // 2019
In order to meet the quality standards required in today's product development process, the designer must be able to draw on the knowledge contained in standards at all times. However, in today's ...

Approaches to automatically extract affordances from patents

Chiarello, Filippo (1); Cirri, Ilenia (1); Melluso, Nicola (1); Fantoni, Gualtiero (1); Bonaccorsi, Andrea (1); Pavanello, Tommaso (2) // 2019
The importance of affordance in Engineering design is well established. Artifacts that are able to activate spontaneous and immediate users? reactions are considered the outcome of good design ...

Approaching Knowledge Dynamics Across the Product Development Process with Methods of Social Research

Wang, Wei Min; M // 2019
Knowledge is a crucial factor in state-of-the-art product development. It is often provided by stakeholders from divers disciplinary and individual backgrounds and has to be integrated to create ...

Aspects of body metrics data management in the long term for the European fitness industry

Guârineau, Benjamin-Julia (1,2); Samir, Kousay (3); Richrath, Marvin (4); Paetzold, Pr. Kristin (5); Montero, Joaquin (5) // 2019
The dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, mostly known through the German initiative "Industrie 4.0", builds on a set of technologies emerging from software and information and communication ...

Assessing and improving the coverage of a Strategic Research Agenda: A design theory approach

Râmondeau, Estelle (1,2); Cogez, Patrick (2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, BenoÎt (1) // 2019
Strategic Research Agendas (SRA) bring to the research community a prospective and collective vision of a sector and are intended to provide directions for future research efforts. However, some ...

Assessing Concept Novelty Potential with Lexical and Distributional Word Similarity for Innovative Design

Nomaguchi, Yutaka; Kawahara, Takahiro; Shoda, Koki; Fujita, Kikuo // 2019
Generating novel design concepts is a cornerstone for producing innovative products. Although many methods have been proposed for supporting the task, their performance depends on human ability. The ...

Assessing Regulatory Focus Differences in Creative Ideation: An examination of prevention and promotion mindsets on novelty and usefulness

Meurzec, Rianne Wally (1); Koh, Brandon (2); Koronis, Georgios (1); Kang, Jacob Kai Siang (1); Yogiaman, Christine (1); Silva, Arlindo (1) // 2019
The purpose of this work is to compare impact of regulatory focuses, namely preventive and promotional contexts, on creative ideation measured by novelty and usefulness. The study consisted of ...

Assessing the authenticity of the student learning experience

Bissett-Johnson, Katherine Mary (1); Radcliffe, David F (2) // 2019
Authentic learning is an approach to teaching where the learning is embedded in a real world context, in real situations or simulations, and offers students opportunities for problem solving ...

Assessing The Impact Of Abstract Representations And Reframing Of Design Brief Information On Creative Ideation

Kang, Jacob Kai Siang (1,2); Meurzec, Rianne Wally (1); Chia, Pei Zhi (1); Wood, Kristin L. (1,2); Koronis, Georgios (1,2); Silva, Arlindo (1,2) // 2019
The overarching goal of this work is to support creative ideation in engineering design with the aim of overcoming design fixation. We study the impact of abstract representations and ways to frame ...

Automated Candidate Detection for Additive Manufacturing: A Framework Proposal

Page, Thomas Daniel; Yang, Sheng; Zhao, Yaoyao Fiona // 2019
As additive manufacturing (AM) continues to grow in its abilities, so does the need for a quick and effective method of determining how it should be applied. Over time, these methods are naturally ...

Automated exploration of design solution space applying the Generative Design Approach

Li, Haibing; Lachmayer, Roland // 2019
Design is a complex problem-solving activity that transforms design restrictions and requirements into a set of constraints and explores the feasible solutions to satisfy those constraints. However, ...

Automatic Identification of Product Usage Contexts from Online Customer Reviews

Suryadi, Dedy; Kim, Harrison // 2019
There are three product design contexts that may significantly affect the design of a product and customer preferences towards product attributes, i.e. customer context, market context, and usage ...

Automotive IVHM: Towards Intelligent Personalised Systems Healthcare

Campean, Felician (1); Neagu, Daniel (1); Doikin, Aleksandr (1); Soleimani, Morteza (1); Byrne, Thomas (1); Sherratt, Andrew (2) // 2019
Underpinned by a contemporary view of automotive systems as cyber-physical systems, characterised by progressively open architectures increasingly defined by their interaction with the users and the ...

Axioms of value

Reber, Michael (1); Duffy, Alex (2); Hay, Laura (2) // 2019
Extensive work exists on value in multiple domains. However, there are different interpretations, highlighting a lack of clarity about the fundamental characteristics. To address this, we present ...

Bio-Brick - Development of sustainable and cost effective building material

Rautray, Priyabrata (1); Roy, Avik (2); Mathew, Deepak John (1); Eisenbart, Boris (3) // 2019
Building construction is one of the fastest growing industries in India and it puts a huge burden on its limited natural resources. Fired clay bricks are one of the major constituent materials for ...

Bio-Inspired Design for Additive Manufacturing - case study: microtiter plate

Hashemi Farzaneh, Helena; Angele, Ferdinand; Zimmermann, Markus // 2019
Bio-inspired design is an innovative methodology for transferring biological solutions into technical solutions, for example for the design of weight- and load-optimized components. Bio-inspired ...

Biomimicry Design Education Essentials

Stevens, Laura (1); De Vries, Marc {M.J.} (2); Bos, Mark {M.J.W.} (1); Kopnina, Helen (1) // 2019
The emerging field of biomimicry and learning to design with and for nature has expanded in recent years through a diversity of educational programs. Inspiration following natural forms may give the ...

Budgeting for Agile Product Development

Vierlboeck, Maximilian; GÓvert, Kristin; Trauer, Jakob; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Recent reports and predictions indicate a consistent and continuous growth in the field of Research and Development. Such growth leads to increased resource investments, which have to be managed ...

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