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Creative Space: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Thoring, Katja (1,2); Desmet, Pieter (1); Badke-Schaub, Petra (1) // 2019
This paper provides an overview of the state-of-the-art research about creative work and learning environments. We conducted a systematic literature search within the Scopus database and identified a ...

Cross-Cultural Differences In Creative Ideation: A Comparison Between Singaporean And Portuguese Students

Koronis, Georgios (1); Meurzec, Rianne Wally (1); Silva, Arlindo (1); Leite, Marco (2); Henriques, Elsa (3); Yogiaman, Christine (1) // 2019
The purpose of this work is to compare the creative outcome in the educational context of students belonging to two different cultures, namely Singaporean and Portuguese and determine whether they ...

Current challenges of Agile Hardware Development: What are still the pain points nowadays?

Atzberger, Alexander; Paetzold, Kristin // 2019
Originally developed for the software industry, agile development is being applied in the hardware field nowadays as well due to its benefits when having to deal with volatile, uncertain, complex and ...

Data Driven Product Portfolio Analysis of Electric Motors Based on Product Platforms Using Knowledge-Based Systems

T chsen, Johann (1,2); Pop, Adrian-Cornel (2); Koch, Matthias (2); Schleich, Benjamin (1); Wartzack, Sandro (1) // 2019
For a company it is necessary to know, which products can be configured using carry-over-parts or the same technology. This can become quite relevant in the context of automobile electrification, ...

Data Materialisation: A New Undergraduate Course for a Data Driven Society

Beghelli, Alejandra; Huerta-C // 2019
Traditionally, data has been presented in textual format and the interaction with the user confined to the keyboard or touch screen to input data and the screen to deliver information. However, with ...

Decision Support for Re-designed Medicinal Products - Assessing consequences of a customizable product design on the value chain from a sustainability perspective

Siiskonen, Maria (1); Watz, Matilda (2); Malmqvist, Johan (1); Folestad, Staffan (3) // 2019
Despite advances in pharmacological research providing means for individually customized patient attribute treatments, the 'one-size-fits-all' paradigm remains. Customization is associated with cost ...

Definition of a "sport-health" semantic space

Millet, Antoine (1,2,3); Abi Akle, Audrey (1); Masson, Dimitri (1); Legardeur, J // 2019
Product success depends on its capacity to meet users? expectations. Human Centred Design approach helps to reach this success by focussing on users? needs in the design process. These needs are as ...

Definitions and Attributes of Smart Home Appliances

Kim, Sojung (1); Baek, Joon Sang (2) // 2019
The status of Smart Home Appliances (SHAs) in the smart home industry has been raised as major components of a smart home. To design a good SHA, diverse stakeholders in the smart home ecosystem need ...

Derivation of criteria for identifying lightweight potential ? a literature review

Laufer, Felix; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2019
Lightweight potential is a powerful indicator ? but not as powerful as it could be. Current methods for analyzing a product's potential to be reduced in mass only deal with a few of the most ...

Design against the plastic soup - the effect of small product designs in sustainable design education

Du Bois, Els; Van Gogh, Dirk; Veelaert, Lore; Van Doorsselaer, Karine // 2019
Plastics are ubiquitous in our daily life due to their versatile characteristics, however, these excellent characteristics also contributed to the emergence of a gigantic garbage of floating plastics ...

Design automation for customised and large-scale additive manufacturing: a case study on custom kayaks

Lithgow, Drew (1); Morrison, Cara (1); Pexton, George (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); M // 2019
Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers the potential to increase the ability to customise large-scale plastic components. However, a substantial amount of manual work is still required during the ...

Design considerations for therapeutic devices - An investigation of pre-schoolers? preferences for an artefact's basic characteristics

Balzan, Emanuel (1); Farrugia, Philip (1); Casha, Owen (1); Camilleri, Liberato (1); Wodehouse, Andrew (2) // 2019
Toys are children's first consumer products and while playing they acquire numerous skills, learn about their environment and socialise with other children and adults. Toys are adapted and used by ...

Design contributions to building technology: goals, interfaces and responsiveness

Boess, Stella U. // 2019
In this paper, I identify issues that arose in a recent pilot project in which designers contributed to the construction field. The project was led by an overall responsible innovation goal for ...

Design for composites: Derivation of manufacturable geometries for unidirectional tape laying

Voelkl, Harald; Kie‡kalt, Andreas; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Even though providing excellent specific stiffness and strength properties, high specific energy absorption and a great degree of design freedom, fibre-reinforced plastics still have to make their ...

Design for empathy: a co-design case study with the Finnish parliament

Tuomala, Enni-Kukka S E; Baxter, Weston L // 2019
Globalisation and the mixing of people, cultures, religions and languages fuels pressing healthcare, educational, political and other complex sociocultural issues. Many of these issues are driven by ...

Design for extremes: A contour method for defining requirements based on multivariate extremes

Haselsteiner, Andreas F. (1); Reisenhofer, Rafael (2); Ohlendorf, Jan-Hendrik (1); Thoben, Klaus-Dieter (1) // 2019
The design of various products is driven by requirements that describe extremes. In marine structural design, joint extremes of environmental variables like wave height and wind speed are used to ...

Design for Health 4.0: Exploration of a New Area

Bause, Melania; Khayamian Esfahani, Bahar; Forbes, Hannah; Schaefer, Dirk // 2019
Driven by networked Electronic Health Record systems, Artificial Intelligence, real-time data from wearable devices with an overlay of invisible user interfaces and improved analytics, Health 4.0 is ...

Design for Mass Adaptation of the Neurointerventional Training Model HANNES with Patient-Specific Aneurysm Models

Spallek, Johanna (1); Kuhl, Juliane (1); Wortmann, Nadine (1); Buhk, Jan-Hendrik (2); Fr // 2019
A neurointerventional training model called HANNES (Hamburg ANatomical NEurointerventional Simulator) has been developed to replace animal models in catheter-based aneurysm treatment training. A ...

Design for Monitoring of a Research Vehicle

Kukurowski, Nobert (1); Stetter, Ralf (2); Witczak, Marcin (1) // 2019
In recent years, more and more technical systems dispose of some form of intelligence which allows to control and diagnose the processes and states in such systems. One important prerequisite for ...

Design for Sustainability and Innovation: A Kansei Engineering Evaluation of the Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings

Shao, Dan (1); Nagai, Yukari (2); Sosa, Ricardo (3) // 2019
The aim of our study was to use Kansei Engineering Evaluation to examine the renewal of old buildings with sustainability and innovation by comparing to new buildings. First, we conducted a ...

Design for the passengers? sustainable behaviour in a scenario of the in-flight catering service

You, Fangzhou; Bhamra, Tracy; Lilley, Debra // 2019
This research aims to study the passenger?s sustainable attitudes, in-flight catering behaviour, and to develop a persuasive model for behaviour change. Current studies towards the in-flight catering ...

Design interventions for promoting the mental health of young academics

Ma, Sanghyun; Ruensuk, Mintra; Kim, Chajoong // 2019
It is essential to graduate students to contribute researching in their academic field. Although it leads to the success of academic career path, the students are more at high risk of mental health ...

Design of a custom-made cranial implant in patients suffering from Apert syndrome

Mandolini, Marco (1); Brunzini, Agnese (1); Brandoni Serrani, Eleonora (1); Pagnoni, Mario (2); Mazzoli, Alida (1); Germani, Michele (1) // 2019
This study defines a methodological procedure for the design and manufacturing of a prosthetic implant for the reconstruction of a midsagittal bony-deficiency of the skull due to the Apert congenital ...

Design of hybrid components joining zone through sensitivity analysis

Siqueira, Renan; Shugar, Sean; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland // 2019
Multi-material structures are a trending topic for the industry. With a high application potential, such as lightweight or extended life cycle, different manufacturing technologies are further ...

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