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Comparing collaborative CAD modelling patterns of high-performing and low-performing teams

Celjak, Robert; Horvat, Nikola; Škec, Stanko // 2023
The development of cloud-based Computer-aided design (CAD) enabled real-time CAD collaboration between multiple designers. While this technology has great potential to change the way CAD work is ...

Comparison between experimentation and multiphysics modelling to identify priority contradiction

Dubois, Sebastien (1,2); Chibane, Hicham (1,2); De Guio, Roland (1,2) // 2023
The contradictions of TRIZ are now widespread and recognized as an effective inventive design tool. They make it possible to find solution concepts to problems that cannot be solved by optimization ...


Bouyssou, Anne (1); Baumler, Capt./Dr. Raphaël (2); Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Dr. Anna (3) // 2023
Ships are complex technical systems resulting from large scale and scope projects in which integration plays a key role, particularly because trade-offs have to be made between conflicting ...

Compositional Models for the Internet of Things

Briener, Spencer (1); Jung, Jooik (1); Subrahmanian, Eswaran (2,1); Sriram, Ram (1) // 2023
The modularity of components has enhanced the ability to create IoT systems by composing them from off the shelf. However, the breadth of technological choices and capabilities of component devices ...

Computer-Aided Design of Fault-Tolerant Hardware Architectures for Autonomous Driving Systems

Julitz, Tim Maurice; Tordeux, Antoine; Löwer, Manuel // 2023
Fault-tolerant hardware architectures for autonomous vehicles can be implemented through redundancy, diversity, separation, self-diagnosis, and reconfiguration. These approaches can be coupled with ...

Conceptual Framework to Study Team Cohesion in Human-Robot Teams

Sri Ramoji, Sreeja; Singh, Vishal // 2023
Social Robots, part of current advanced technology, will be integrated into our daily lives across diverse use-case scenarios, including homes, hospitals, workplaces, and recreation. Though the area ...

Connecting design iterations to performance in engineering design

Vrolijk, Ademir-Paolo; Deng, Yuanzhe; Olechowski, Alison // 2023
No matter a system's size, complexity, or domain, iterations are fundamental to its design process. However, there is a duality: iterations are both signs of usefully exploring the system's design ...

Considering engineering activities and product characteristics to achieve material circularity by design

Gräßler, Iris; Hesse, Philipp // 2023
To select design guidelines engineers have to identify relevant from a bewildering amount of design guidelines. In this paper, a rule-based method for selecting design guidelines for material ...

Constructing a Product Architecture Strategy and Effects (PASE) Matrix for evaluation and selection of product architectures.

Rice, Scott E. (1); McKinnon, Samuel A. (1); Sannar, Benjamin C. (1); Mattson, Christopher A. (1); Sorensen, Carl D. (1); Anderson, Michael L. (2) // 2023
Product architecture decisions are made early in the product development process and have far-reaching effects. Unless anticipated through experience or intuition, many of these effects may not be ...

Creating an open-source, low-cost composite feeder design to improve filament quality of high-performance materials to be used in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Øvrebø, Henrik H.; Koldre, Svein-Andre; Nesheim, Ole S.; Eikevåg, Sindre Wold; Steinert, Martin; Elverum, Christer W. // 2023
Composite filaments are getting increased attention in additive manufacturing (AM). More and better solutions for filament production are needed to assist researchers in discovering new materials ...

Crowdsourcing Engineering Design Problems: Learning from Experiences

Obieke, Chijioke C. (1); Milisavljevic-Syed, Jelena (2); Han, Ji (3) // 2023
The availability of digital data in the fourth industrial revolution brings different trends with new opportunities and challenges for the engineering design community. As an opportunity, these ...

Current and potential applications of 3D printing in a general hospital

Eddous, Sayfeddine (1,2); Lamé, Guillaume (2); Decante, Benoît (1); Yannou, Bernard (2); Agathon, Antoine (1); Aubrège, Laure (1); Talon, Valérie (1); Dacosta-Noble, Éléonore (1) // 2023
3D printing is widely touted as a game changer in medicine and surgery, paving the way for point-of-care production of personalised medical devices. Nonetheless, to date, most reported applications ...

Data-driven smart manufacturing: case study of workforce management process in an Italian leather goods company

Pietroni, Giorgia;Marconi, Marco // 2023
Digitalization is one of the fundamental pillars of Industry 4.0. Within smart factories, Big Data Analytics systems play a key role in supporting the decision-making process of various stages of ...

Data-pushed projects: the role of anomalies to build design processes for subsequent exploration

Bordas, Antoine; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit // 2023
Data-pushed projects are common in companies and consist in the design of a model in order to deliver a desirable output. The design of data science models appears at the intersection of optimisation ...

Dealing with extreme requirement values: What methods to design school chairs and offshore wind turbines have in common

Haselsteiner, Andreas Florian (1); Thoben, Klaus-Dieter (1); Blessing, Lucienne (2) // 2023
Many designs are “driven” by requirements that describe maximum or minimum values of high-variability variables that must be considered. In ergonomics, minima and maxima of anthropometric variables ...

Decision Support Framework using Knowledge Based Digital Twin for Sustainable Product Development and End of Life

Mouflih, Chorouk (1);Gaha, Raoudha (1);Durupt, Alexandre (1);Bosch-Mauchand, Magali (1);Martinsen, Kristian (2);Eynard, Benoit (1) // 2023
In order to have a sustainable disassembly process, a successful decision-making based on reliable and up-to-date information should be made while taking into consideration sustainability indicators. ...

Defining permaengineering: new practices for strong sustainable contexts of design

Grimal, Lou (1); di Loreto, Inès (2); Troussier, Nadège (1) // 2023
Designers can project their vision of the world into reality and share it. They have, in short, the capability to transmit values and points of view through their products. We believe that ...

Demand-driven design strategy for inter-organizational circular system - the valorization of expanded polystyrene in Brazil

Jaeger, João (1); Paula, Istefani Carisio de (1); Heinen, Madalena (2); Gularte, Aline Cafruni (1); Hauser, Ghissia (1); Phanebecker, Victor Calcanhoto (1) // 2023
The valorization of plastic wastes in the Circular Economy poses the challenge of developing inter-organizational systems. Concerning the implementation, the inter-organizational level consists of a ...


Reichelt, Florian (1); Traub, Dietmar (2); Maier, Thomas (1) // 2023
The number of publications on methods in product development is increasing constantly. In addition to scientific models, method guidelines exist in practice to support the selection of suitable ...

Derive and integrate sustainability criteria in design space exploration of additive manufactured components

Mallalieu, Adam (1); Martinsson Bonde, Julian (1); Watz, Matilda (2); Wallin Nylander, Johanna (3); Hallstedt, Sophie I. (1,2); Isaksson, Ola (1) // 2023
Additive manufacturing has the potential to decrease the climate impact of aviation by providing more light-weight designs. Sustainability is however required to be assessed from a systemic view, ...

Descriptive attributes of analysis use cases in the data-driven validation of elements in the system of objectives

Wagenmann, Steffen (1,2); Weidinger, Felicia (1); Schöck, Moritz (2); Albers, Albert (2); Bursac, Nikola (3) // 2023
Usage data of reference systems can be analyzed in the development process for the validation of system elements. The process model for data-driven validation of elements in the system of objectives ...

Design and development of a low-cost pediatric videolaryngoscope

Londoño, Maria José (1); Arango, Jose Fernando (2); Isaza, Juan Felipe (1) // 2023
Endotracheal intubation is performed to provide ventilatory support to a patient of any age. Every medical procedure that requires general anesthesia requires intubation, and for this reason, it is a ...


McKay, Alison; Hazlehurst, Thomas A; de Pennington, Alan; Hogg, David C // 2023
Applications of machine learning technologies are becoming ubiquitous in many sectors and their impacts, both positive and negative, are widely reported. As a result, there is substantial interest ...

Design Expertise: A Structured Literature Review

Tollestrup, Christian; Laursen, Linda Nhu; Vesti, Helle Nødskou // 2023
Today research has come far in explaining distinct aspects of design expertise at different skill levels. However, with the increasing number of studies, we argue there is a need to assimilate ...

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