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Exploitation of AM-potentials by linking manufacturing processes to function-driven product design

Reichwein, Jannik (1); Kaspar, Jerome (2); Vielhaber, Michael (2); Kirchner, Eckhard (1) // 2019
Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes had an extensively and substantially technological growth over the past years that directly influences the continuously increased and manifold possibilities for ...

Exploratory study of the integration of frugal innovation in the design of products for the BoP

Luis Miguel López Santiago (a1), Serge Rohmer (a1), René Díaz Pichardo (a1) (a2) and Tatiana Reyes (a1) // 2019
The bottom of the pyramid (BoP) consists of 1.4 billion people living less than 1.25 USD per day. Fulfilling unmet needs of BoP people involves the design of products as a main activity. Designing ...

Explore User Behaviour In Semi-Autonomous Driving

Shi, Yuan; Maskani, Jeyhoon; Caruso, Giandomenico; Bordegoni, Monica // 2019
The control shifting between a human driver and a semi-autonomous vehicle is one of the most critical scenarios in the road-map of autonomous vehicle development. This paper proposes a methodology to ...

Exploring Healthcare Systems Design Research And Practice: Outcomes Of An International Meeting

Komashie, Alexander (1); Lame, Guillaume (1); Patou, Francois (2); Ciccone, Nicholas (2); Maier, Anja (2); Clarkson, P. John (1) // 2019
Current healthcare delivery challenges are multi-faceted, requiring multiple perspectives to be addressed using a systems approach. However, a significant amount of healthcare systems design research ...

Exploring the Application of Network Analytics in Characterizing a Conceptual Design Space

Gyory, Joshua T.; Goucher-Lambert, Kosa; Kotovsky, Kenneth; Cagan, Jonathan // 2019
The ability to effectively analyse design concepts is essential for making early stage design decisions. Human evaluations, the most common assessment method, describe individual design concepts on a ...

Exploring the effect of combinational pictorial stimuli on creative design performance

Hua, Min (1); Han, Ji (2); Ma, Xuezi (3); Childs, Peter (1) // 2019
Visual stimuli can be useful in supporting design ideation process. However, researchers still know very little about how stimuli should be delivered to designers during the early design stage. This ...

Exploring The Impacts Of Industry 4.0 From A Macroscopic Perspective

Zhou, Rongyan; Le Cardinal, Julie // 2019
Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity and a great challenge for enterprises. Nowadays, how to adjust the strategy according to the new situation to deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by ...

Exploring the influence of the level of technology and expected functions in product semantic

Kim, SoJeong (1); Yoon, JungKyoon (2); Kim, Chajoong (1) // 2019
This study attempted to explore how pragmatic and hedonic values are influenced by the level of technology and what particular functions have to be considered in the context of smart ...

Exploring the role of linguistic abstraction in idea-generation sessions

Antoniou, Rafaella; Dekoninck, Elies; Bonvoisin, J // 2019
For many years, both academia and industry have been interested in increasing the efficiency of idea-generation meetings. Alex Osborne's (1953) rules for brainstorming are an early attempt to do so, ...

Extended Sequence Modelling in Design Engineering ? Gaining and Documenting Knowledge about Embodiment Function Relations with the C&C?-Approach

Matthiesen, Sven; Grauberger, Patric; Schrempp, Lukas // 2019
In embodiment design, functions are implemented in a technical systems embodiment. For doing so, design engineers need to understand the relations of embodiment and function. Many systems change ...

External Technology Searching Methods - A Literature Review

Kujawa, Kate Alexandra; Paetzold, Kristin // 2019
This paper provides a preliminary assessment of the literature available in the field of External Technology Searching. Many methods exist to enable companies to take advantage of new technologies ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...

Factors preventing the use of a lightweight design workflow that is inspired by the human locomotive system

Uttich, Eike; Bartz, Marcel; Bender, Beate // 2019
A workflow for the design process of technological products was derived from a model that describes the interplay of lightweight design principles in the human locomotive system. This workflow is not ...

Feature Engineering for Design Thinking Assessment

Arlitt, Ryan (1); Khan, Sumbul (2); Blessing, Lucienne (2) // 2019
As design and design thinking become increasingly important competencies for a modern workforce, the burden of assessing these fuzzy skills creates a scalability bottleneck. Toward addressing this ...

Formulating Design Recommendations for the Acceptance of the Use and Results of Point-of-Care Testing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Literature Review

Licher, Yvonne Jolanda Melanie; Visser, Jan Simon; Van, G-Young; Diehl, Jan Carel // 2019
In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), diagnostics are not always available in remote areas. Hospitals and healthcare centres are often too far from the community, and waiting times are up to a ...

Fostering creativity in design - An empirical study on improvement of requirement-satisfaction with introduction of InDeaTe tool

Acharya, Shakuntala (1); Bhatt, Apoorv Naresh (1); Chakrabarti, Amaresh (1); Nagai, Yukari (2) // 2019
In today?s highly competitive market, product success is determined by two critical factors - innovation and sustainability. While innovation looks to rampantly satisfy the consumers' ever growing ...

French biological philosophy of technology as a candidate perspective furthering design methodology

Mulder, Sander // 2019
A first exploration is conducted to what the French biological philosophy of technology perspective has to offer to the field of design methodology. If this French perspective is combined with ...

From Hand-Drawn Sketching to Laser Cutting - A Proof of Concept Prototype and Pilot Study

Kohtala, Sampsa; Steinert, Martin // 2019
Sketching ideas and building physical prototypes are common in early stage product development. They are used for learning, testing ideas, proving concepts and sharing knowledge. Laser cutting is a ...

From Innocent Irene to Parental Patrick: Framing User Characteristics and Personas to Design for Cybersecurity

Kim, Euiyoung (1); Yoon, JungKyoon (2); Kwon, Jieun (3); Liaw, Tiffany (4); Agogino, Alice M. (5) // 2019
With the surging number of digital devices penetrating our daily routines, the risks inherent to cybersecurity?the protection of data on digital products connected to the Internet?have also increased ...

From invention disclosures to innovation - Challenges in transforming practice

Senni Kirjavainen and Tua A. Björklund // 2019
Adopting design thinking and innovation-oriented approaches in organizations is crucial but not always simple. New practices of collaboration, user-orientedness and exploration require a compatible ...

From product to dust: looking at the ways to regenerate value in product life cycle

Menu, Baptiste (1); Jenny, Faucheu (1); Val // 2019
The shift from linear to circular patterns is on the way and rise many questions. In the last ten years, reuse and upcycling are gaining more attention. Since reduce and reuse were describe as a ...

From the car style pregnancy towards the brand country origin recognition

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard (1); Ostrosi, Egon (2) // 2019
In the modern automotive industry, a car?s style clearly defines its brand. In the context of globalization, a question has recently emerged concerning the relationship between a country's culture ...

From Tinkering Methods to Design Thinking: Primordial Thoughts in Design Research

Menezes, Jean Henrique de Oliveira // 2019
Design thinking as explored by Bernard Roth from the Stanford d.School, Roger Martin from the Rothman School of Management, and the IDEO merger trio by Tom and David Kelley, as well as current its ...

Function-based Material Selection for Cross-component Lightweight Design within the Extended Target Weighing Approach

Revfi, Sven (1); Kaspar, Jerome (2); Vielhaber, Michael (2); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
Shortening product development cycles while improving cost efficiency and quality epitomize a key challenge in today?s competitive market environment. Integrated approaches simultaneously taking into ...

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