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A Boundary Object for Mapping, Comparing, and Integrating Product Design Methods

Velleu, Jesse;Brei, Diann;Gonzalez, Richard;Luntz, Jonathan // 2023
There are innumerable design methods that exist across a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from engineering, to marketing, to psychology. However, the organic, multidisciplinary nature of ...

A case study of multifunctional non-pneumatic tire design for the validation of meta-level design parameter in Domain Integrated Design (DID) method

Velivela, Pavan Tejaswi;Letov, Nikita;Kong, Lingchen;Zhao, Yaoyao Fiona // 2023
and modelled with the LatticeQuery geometric modelling software. Furthermore, this research validates the meta-level parameter “interaction area” proposed for selecting biological analogy in the DID ...

A case study of the decision-making behind the automation of a composites-based design process

Khanolkar, Pranav Milind;Vrolijk, Ademir;Olechowski, Alison // 2023
Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly seen as appealing tools to perform design tasks traditionally accomplished by human designers. In today’s digital economy, industries aim ...

A circular product design toolkit: methodological background, basic principles and building blocks

Shevchenko, Tetiana (1,2);Cluzel, Francois (2) // 2023
Circular product design has been recognised in the academia as a foundational step for companies to make circular business models functional and viable. In this regards, it is vital to have a ...

A competence portfolio for future leaders in Advanced Systems Engineering

Impertro, Sebastian (1);Duehr, Katharina (2);Rust, Hendrik (1);Albers, Albert (2);Bursac, Nikola (3) // 2023
Due to the increasing importance of advanced systems, whose development calls for interdisciplinary and integrative approaches, and fundamental changes in the work environment, leaders are required ...

A Critical Appraisal of Mixed Reality Prototyping to Support Studio Design Education

Ranscombe, Charlie (1);Zhang, Wendy (2);Snider, Chris (3);Hicks, Ben (3) // 2023
Mixed Reality (MR) technologies are widely available and applied in a variety of design and engineering applications. MR prototypes capture the respective benefits of physical and digital prototypes ...

A Data Driven Tool to Support Design Team Composition Measuring Skills Diversity

Chiarello, Filippo (1,5);Spada, Irene (3,5);Barandoni, Simone (4,5);Giordano, Vito (1,5);Fantoni, Gualtiero (2,5) // 2023
hese reasons we propose a tool that aims to map the design skills of students to optimise team composition. The tool is based on a questionnaire grounded in the design theory and aims at measuring ...

A Designer's understanding of the maker movement

von Platen, Vilhelm;Kitani, Yoji // 2023
The maker movement has garnered interest from many disparate fields, from engineering to business management, to behavioural science, to city planning. The reason for this interest no doubt stems ...

A DFAM Framework for the Design of Compliant Structures

Air, Alan (1,2);Wodehouse, Andrew (1) // 2023
Additive manufacturing methods present prospects for designed mechanical deformation via the integration of controlled anisotropic lattice structure forms. Their assimilation into a Design for ...

A Digital Twin Business Modelling Approach

Trauer, Jakob; Mac, Duc Phat; Mörtl, Markus; Zimmermann, Markus // 2023
Digital Twins are one of the most trending topics. However, there are still open issues in the development of Digital Twins. One of these impediments is formulating a clear and valid value ...

A drawing education programme focusing on enhancing abstraction ability

Yagisawa, Masaki;Iijima, Junichi // 2023
This study considers the 'three sub-abilities' that constitute the abstraction ability and focuses on drawing as an education for acquiring them. Focusing on the similarity between the process of ...

A dynamic approach for life cycle assessment. The case of domestic refrigerators.

Cappelletti, Federica;Rossi, Marta;Germani, Michele // 2023
The Life Cycle Assessment is a well-stated methodology whose application has recently spread over a multitude of sectors. Thus the need for very accurate and reliable analysis. The present work ...

A follow-up on the methodical framework for the identification, analysis and consideration of uncertainty in the context of the integration of sensory functions by means of sensing machine elements

Welzbacher, Peter;Geipl, Anja;Kraus, Benjamin;Puchtler, Steffen;Kirchner, Eckhard // 2023
When integrating sensing machine elements for in-situ measurements in technical systems, special attention must be paid to uncertainty to ensure the reliability of the provided information. ...

A Framework for Analysis and Design of Dynamic Ad Hoc Socio-Technical Systems

Tozik, Sergey;Reich, Yoram // 2023
Ad-hoc systems are socio-technical systems emerging in response to dynamic problematic situations. These systems form when situation systems interact with respondent systems organized by human agents ...

A Framework for Smart Experience Design based on Zero-Party Customer Experience Data

Kim, Yong Se // 2023
Data about customer experiences would be critical in smart product-service systems. Research is desired on how to establish a framework for Smart Experience Design based on customer experience data ...

A framework for understanding mental imagery in design cognition research

Macfie, Rebecca Louise;Hay, Laura Anne;Rodgers, Paul // 2023
Mental imagery is the experience of perceiving an object within one’s own mind and is a subjective experience, leading to difficulties in the research and understanding of the phenomenon. This paper ...

A Framework model for facilitating Do-It-Yourself Design

Hoftijzer, JanWillem;Keyson, David // 2023
Today’s global context of mass-produced items has resulted in an increasing ‘distance’, or alienation, between people and the origins of the items they buy and use: an unhealthy human-product ...

A hierarchical exploration of how design margins enable adaptability

Jacobson, Lindsey; Ferguson, Scott // 2023
Our society is built on engineered systems. Engineers are becoming increasingly concerned with the sustainability of systems, particularly their ability to adapt to a changing world. Recently, there ...

A Hierarchical Machine Learning Workflow for Object Detection of Engineering Components

Kent, Lee; Snider, Chris; Gopsill, James; Goudswaard, Mark; Kukreja, Aman; Hick, Ben // 2023
Machine Learning (ML) techniques are showing increasing use and value in the engineering sector. Object Detection methods, by which an ML system identifies objects from an image presented to it, have ...

A Kansei-Engineering-based active learning module for familiarizing middle-school students with basics of product design

Papantonopoulos, Sotiris // 2023
The paper proposes a methodology for developing an active learning module adapted from the Kansei Engineering methodology that intends to engage and familiarize middle school students with basics of ...

A Knowledge Graph and Rule based Reasoning Method for Extracting SAPPhIRE Information from Text

Bhattacharya, Kausik; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2023
Representation of design information using causal ontologies is very effective for creative ideation in product design. Hence researchers created databases with models of engineering and biological ...

A knowledge-based ideation approach for bio-inspired design

Chen, Liuqing (1,2); Cai, Zebin (1); Jiang, Zhaojun (3); Long, Qi (4); Sun, Lingyun (1,2); Childs, Peter (5); Zuo, Haoyu (5) // 2023
Bio-inspired design (BID) involves generating innovative ideas for engineering design by drawing inspiration from natural biological phenomena and systems, using a form of design-by-analogy. Despite ...

A Method for Prescribing Psychological Ownership: A Project Handover Case Study

Cedeno, Michelle Rose (1); Baxter, Weston (1); Porat, Tayla (1); Peck, Joann (2) // 2023
Among the topics of psychological ownership (PO) within current literature, a significant gap exists in understanding PO within a prescriptive lens. This study will examine how instigating the PO ...

A Method for Reducing Fuzziness and Accelerating New Product Modelling in CAD : the case of Design for Manufacturing

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard;Barret, Régis; Ostrosi, Egon // 2023
Improvements in product development can increase the competitiveness of firms. However, new product development in CAD systems involves difficulties and uncertainties that increase along with the ...

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